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Golden Retriever Leo

Leo is a lovely eight year old male Golden Retriever who is training to be a PAT dog.

He was having a walk one evening when he was attacked by a bull mastiff. His owners brought him into the surgery and he had some puncture wounds on his left shoulder and some soft tissue swelling around his elbow but otherwise seemed none the worse for wear. We put him on course of broad spectrum antibiotics and pain killers.

Three days later, on re-examination, he was worse. A large blackish area of dead skin had developed behind his left shoulder.

Leo was admitted, sedated and about a litre of pus was drained. The wound was flushed copiously with antibiotics and saline. Three drains were inserted to prevent it filling up again.

Leo's owners did sterling work. Cleaning the wound three times daily with saline flushing, various creams, two different antibiotics and painkillers.It was mid summer and hot and they came up with the good idea of fitting a loose cotton shirt around his chest to prevent flies or dirt getting into the wounds.

After five days one of the drains was removed and two left as there was still a lot of discharge. Four days later these, and the dead skin, were removed. This left a large wound about 15 by 10 cm where there was no skin.

This was cleaned three times daily and antibiotic cream applied.It gradually reduced in size and after about three weeks reached a stage where a hole was left which was not healing.

Leo was admitted for an anaesthetic. The dead tissue was removed. The whole area cleaned up. The clean healthy skin was sutured together. Two weeks later the stitches were removed and the wound healed well.

This was an interesting case as it appeared as an insignificant incident but ended up with something quite serious. Fortunately Leo's owners had pet insurance.

A week after the incident. Just before we anaesthetised Leo and removed the dead skin and cleaned the infected area.

Close up of wound before surgery. There are three drains still in place.


Close up of Leo's stitches.


Leo, eight weeks after the incident waiting to have his stiches removed. The wound has healed and his fur is starting to grow back.



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