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Scruffy the Dwarflop Rabbit

"Scruffy" is a six year old female dwarflop rabbit, whose owner noticed had some blood in her urine. This can be a normal finding due to diet but can also be a serious finding.

We admitted Scruffy and did abdominal radiographs.This showed a substance in the bladder, which the lab showed to be calcium carbonate crystals. This can also be a normal finding due to diet or caused by cystitis.

Scruffy's uterus was swollen on the x ray, it looked like this was where the blood was coming from. She was started on fluids, painkillers and antibiotics. The next day, we did a laparotomy on Scruffy.

The uterus was very enlarged and fluid filled with infection (pyometra). We proceeded to spay her. She made a quick recovery and is now doing well. Luckily Scruffy's owner saw the signs of illness quickly,  this enabled us to make an early diagnosis, and start treatment immediately, which led to a full recovery.

Rabbits are becoming more popular as pets, and we are spaying and neutering them routinely. Another reason for spaying is that some studies suggest that 80% of female rabbits over five years old, in some breeds, get uterine cancer.

Photo: rabbit on consulting room table
Scruffy on the consulting room table.

Photo: Rabbit in veterinary ward cage
Scruffy in the ward at Pinebank.
A comfortable bed, a choice of meals and en-suite!


Photo: rabbit uterous

This photo shows the two horns of the uterus -bottom rhs side horn very swollen and infected -which then joins to the uterus body at lhs -can't see junction well and then the lhs horn uterus at top side not as swollen /infected
-can just see some of the ovary on rhs side -not the round fat but the small rice grain like bit


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